Our Writers


  • WRITER: Matthew S…yeah I know him. Who’s asking? He lives around here and goes to school online in his mom’s office. Other than that, you might find him at the CAP building or hiking Pine Mountain. Social life? Ehh not much…the guy rarely gets out. Probably talks to his dogs more than people. He does write a lot, though; usually edgy nihilistic poetry, although he does write some good stories. It’s a shame he doesn’t finish most of them. Anyways, why are you asking a guy in the back of an alley about a sophomore? He’s just an average Joe.


  • WRITER: Akilimali A. has been at GCA for only one semester and is excited to finish out her sophomore year at K12. She loves to read, write, and recently has become an author of the book “We Set When We Are Done.” One of her passions is cooking and experimenting in the kitchen; she was second place in the B.A.S.E cooking completion in 2016 and has been featured in a few cooking magazines. Writing is one her favorite things to do in her free time and short stories and poems are her favorite things to write! Some of her goals and achievements are to excel throughout high school, and each day she strives to achieve something whether it’s a super hard math assignment or beating her brothers in a race. She recently was accepted into the National Society of High School Scholars and she plans to enter the ACTSO program so she can meet more successful people in the field she wants to study in college (which is Business/Nutrition and Health). Helping her community is a priority in her daily life, and during the summer she interned at the Davis and Bozeman Law Firm and volunteered on the weekends at a hair salon and a raw restaurant. On the weekends, she loves to play outside with friends and have movie nights with her family.



  • WRITER: Jhane D. is an 11th grader and this is currently her second year at GCA. She loves to read and is constantly on educational websites to learn new things. Her favorite subjects are English and Science. She likes to write in her free-time. Her hobbies include exercising, swimming, and hanging out with her sisters.

Claudia Pic

  • WRITER: Claudia S.? Yeah, I know her. I probably know her better than she knows herself. She’s 17 and a bit reckless with a smart mouth. Claudia isn’t afraid to say what she thinks, or give a kind word to a friend. Due to her love of joking and her ability to laugh at everything, including herself, her friends have given her the nickname Trick (along with many others). As a junior in GCA, she’s focusing on her writing and graduating from high school so she can go to college and earn her Ph.D. For now though, her sole goal is to share with others the things she feels or experienced with her writing, hoping to reach out to someone in their dark moments and let them know they’re not alone. But, why are you asking me? She’s right over there, go talk to her! Don’t worry, she doesn’t bite.