Our Editors

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  • EDITOR IN CHIEF:  Rahmah I. is an aspiring doctor, scientist, and writer. She hasn’t decided which will be her primary choice yet, but she is currently working on 6 books of 5 different genres. She is a Senior and the Editor In Chief for The Weekly Juice Newsletter. She is an A student, an NHS member (previously the Peer Tutoring Coordinator and currently the President), an odd ball, and older sister to five. She was born in Atlanta Georgia, but has parents from either side of the world (Somalia and Guyana). She plans on sending in a series of pieces from her latest works, to every Newsletter Edition in hopes of achieving her goal: entertaining and enriching the GCA commnity, to the best  of her ability.




  • Assistant EDITOR IN CHIEF:  Jackie C. has been a student at GCA for eight years, and is currently a junior. She loves to read and write and was a winner of the Young Georgia Authors writing contest in 2008. She loves to write poetry and short stories and her favorite book genres include period romance, fantasy, and young adult fiction. When she’s not pouring over her books, you’ll probably find her at her local dance school where she’s been dancing for 13 years. Her hobbies include shopping, cooking, and watching many, many cat videos.



  • Lacey Cooper has been with GCA for 4 years now and is in her final year of high-school. She has been a writer for many years and takes pride in writing poems about life, love, and God. Her hopes is to complete this high-school year and attend Kennesaw State University and get a certificate in Medical Assisting and Medical Billing and Coding.



  • Paola B. has been a GCA student since 2007, and is currently a high school senior. If she isn’t playing volleyball, there’s a good chance you can find her curled up somewhere writing stories. She is a Girl Scout Gold Award recipient and a National Young Woman of Distinction nominee (NYWOD will be selected shortly after her high school graduation). Her aspirations are to graduate from either Emory University or an Ivy League on the pre-med track.


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  • Arianna C. is a sophomore,  originally from Urbana, Illinois. She likes to read, write, and experiment in the kitchen. She aspires to by a writer someday (maybe tomorrow). She’s an Honor Roll student, who has never had a grade lower than a B.



  •  Celena H. is a Senior In High School. She was born and raised in Pickens, Georgia; she has grown up in a big family, and it just keeps getting bigger. Which has caused her to be a strong leader and person, for her younger siblings to look up to. She enjoys writing descriptive poetry, and short stories. She enjoys teaching others and wants to become an EMT and then later become a Paramedic.




  •  Dreyana G. (or Drey) is a first-year student at GCA and currently a junior. She has always had a passion for writing and dreams of becoming a travel blogger/vlogger or  midwife. She has four short-stories published at Mercer University and hopes to go to college there after she graduates. When she is not doing school work, she spends her free time and summer days writing novels, baking, and binging on TV shows. Drey enjoys trying new writing genres, and recently has been experimenting with poetry, mystery, and comedy. For three years, she has been homeschooled, she has traveled to nine different countries, which include: Canada, Jamaica, Netherlands, England, France, Italy, UAE (Dubai), Turkey and China.




  •  Briana B.S. is a Senior in High school, who lives in Atlanta Georgia; loves to write, play guitar, sing, watch Netflix and play soccer. She is aiming to be an aspiring Medical Research Scientist. A few cool things about her are that she is a former DE Student with Gwinnett Technical College (GTC) where she is currently a student ambassador and the former secretary of the Student Government Association (SGA). Aside from being a total nerd in school, Bre is very big on family, friends and having fun with everyone!




  •  Madison Camp is a senior at Georgia Cyber Academy working from home in Winston, Georgia.  She is a straight A student and has been on Honor Roll for five years. She hopes to continue this feat until she graduates in 2017. She has been with GCA for almost two years and loves every second of it. Madison currently participates in four clubs and is waiting to join her fifth and last club of the year. Madison comes across as very shy until you get to know her, but once she gets comfortable with you, she won’t shut up.
    Outside of school, she loves to read, relax outside, and go kayaking. She writes as a way to express her true feelings that she cannot express verbally. It is an outlet for her emotions, which she tends to keep bottled-up inside. She works hard in everything she does and always looks to help those around her.
    After high school, she hopes to attend the University of North Georgia and major in Criminology with Forensics Concentration.




  • Mark F. is a Freshman at GCA. He was born and raised in Woodstock, GA. He is a Boy Scout, likes to take pictures, and his baseball team once won the little league world series.



  • Mandi is a GCA Junior, who lives in northern Georgia. She loves reading, listening to music, and hanging out with her sister and best friend Kaitlyn. But her passion is writing. She dreams of being a published writer and is focused on gaining a foot in the publishing world by working in a publishing house. Mandi is an excellent student and holds multiple positions in clubs and groups, such as Student Council representative, Beta Club member, new Weekly Juice editor, and hopefully soon, an Honors Society member.



  •  Ella Kate C. lives in Blackshear, Georgia. She is a freshman and is new to GCA. She loves to read, draw, run, camp and play guitar. Ella Kate loves the outdoors, if you can’t find her at the library talking to a librarian, she is outside. She has written two stories that got her recognition in her county with Georgia Young Authors. She makes straight A’s. Not sure what she wants to do yet, Ella Kate is thinking about being a forensic accountant. She is very big in 4H and has won several awards for competing on different topics. She loves little kids, and is the oldest of four children.



  • Amanda Windsor lives in Braselton, Georgia and is a 12th grader in her sixth and final year at GCA. She enjoys reading, writing, listening to music, seeing and photographing as much of the world as she possibly can.  She also loves brushing up on her archery skills. Amanda will be graduating a year early to take a gap year and after that, she wants to attend college to pursue a double major in Creative Writing and Environmental Studies. Two of her top short-ish term goals are to one day publish her writing and master the art of baking macarons.