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  • EDITOR IN CHIEF:  Jackie C. has been a student at GCA for nine years, and is currently a senior. She loves to read and write and was a winner of the Young Georgia Authors writing contest in 2008. She loves to write poetry and short stories and her favorite book genres include period romance, fantasy, and young adult fiction. When she’s not pouring over her books, you’ll probably find her at her local dance school where she’s been dancing for 14 years. Her hobbies include crafting, cooking, and watching many, many cat videos.


  • Assistant EIC: Mandi is a GCA senior, who lives in northern Georgia. She loves reading, listening to music, and hanging out with her sister and best friend Kaitlyn. But her passion is writing. She dreams of being a published writer and is focused on gaining a foot in the publishing world by working in a publishing house. Mandi is an excellent student and holds multiple positions in clubs and groups, such as Student Council representative, Beta Club member, new Weekly Juice editor, and hopefully soon, an Honors Society member.


  • Riley is a Junior at GCA. She is an aspiring doctor and journalist. She wishes to attend Truitt McConnell and then receive a scholarship for track for secondary college. She is an editor for the Weekly Juice, and participates in various other clubs. She will be attending Governor’s Honors this summer, and is an A student. You will often catch her running with her friends, attending youth group at her local church, babysitting her cousins, or writing a book. She is the oldest of five siblings. She was born in Georgia, and has always lived there. She plans to submit various pieces of her work to the Weekly Juice in hopes of achieving her goal: being a part of something greater than herself.