By: Kaylin B.

Once there lived a beautiful girl named Grace

She loved to explore each and every place

When she was a baby, she was a beauty

She was also such a cutie

When she got older, she wanted to play

with the animals outside all day

When she was twelve, she became a ballerina

Her teacher’s name was Mina

When she was fifteen,

she loved to read a magazine

every day

When she was twenty,

it was time to work

to get money

She was a veterinarian,

and sometimes the animals acted funny


Singing in the Clouds

By: Antonay G.

Have you ever flown in the sky
When there is sunshine you can dive
The wind blows to my ears
As I whistle in the sky
I can maybe survive through your fear
My enchanted vibes grow stronger
Til I can grow much younger
When all my eyes are shut I can feel the wind
Blows, blows on my face
I can smell the fresh air till I froze
There is a heaven I seek
Through the open shadows, I peek
I seek with my one eye open
Then I peak with my eye closed
As I sing through the clouds
As I whistle above the sky
I smile and I smile
Til I touch the edge of the sunrise
My enchanted heart beats slowly
As I sing and I whistle quietly
I sing in the clouds as I smile quickly
I rise up and I dive
Til the wind can go through me
And I can survive

My Dream Variation

By: Erin C.

As I walked on the stage, I heard the sound of hundreds and hundreds of people clapping and cheering.

I began to sing a beautiful melody that sounded like a bird, then another, and another.

The excitement caused me to have butterflies in my stomach.

“Encore, encore,” the crowd shouted, cheering me on for more.

My adrenaline was elevated to the point that I didn’t want the event to end!

The Girl

By: Tyler M.

I sat on the steps waiting for the Heads to come back with the new girl. I know what you are thinking. “The Heads? What kind of place are you in?” Easy question to answer, I suppose. I’m in an orphanage. The Heads are the sisters from the old church that take care of us. There aren’t many of them, seeing as it’s an all-girls orphanage in a small town. Not many kids come here.

Hearing the creaking of the door, I shot up and gave the biggest smile I could muster. Sister Joy did always say my smile could make the darkest days light. Sister Anna walked in, along with someone I couldn’t see. “Come on sweetie, no need to be shy,” Sister Anna said.

Loud footsteps echoed behind her. Turning around, I saw the other girls looking ahead, a collective gasp escaping from them. Confused, I turned around and saw why they were gasping. The girl had a scar covering half of her face. I admit, it was kind of creepy, but they were being dramatic.

Smiling, I bounced my way up to her and held out my hand. “Hi! I’m Tara, what’s your name?” She just stared at me and I dropped my hand slowly. “You know, not speaking when someone’s talking to you is rude,” I said, placing my hands on my hips.

She glared at me before she began to scream. I covered my ears and fell to the ground at how loud it was. The sound stopped and I looked up at her to see her smiling creepily. Sister Anna rushed to my side and helped me to my feet. “My goodness, child, what is wrong with you,” she asked, staring at me like I was crazy.

“Didn’t her screaming hurt your ears, too?” I questioned in disbelief.

Looking at me confused, Sister Anna asked, “What screaming, child?”

It was from that day, when she first came, that a lot of weird things started to happen around the orphanage. She appeared in corners and when I looked away and back, she was gone. Everyone thought I was crazy when I told them what was happening. It was bad enough that we had to share a room together. She would just stare at me until I fell asleep, or at least until she thought I was asleep. I remember when I asked one of the sisters where she came from, she said she didn’t know. No one even knew her name, so it wasn’t like we couldn’t find records or anything.

One day, I was pulled from my thoughts by someone whispering my name. I looked at the time on my bedside clock to see that it was three in the morning. I could still hear the whispers, so I climbed out of bed to investigate. Walking out of my room, I went down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“Come closer,” the voice whispered. I was confused, because closer would mean outside and it was dark and woodsy out there. The voice yelled, “Now!”

Mentally shaking my head, I went out the back door and into the woods. Someone ran past me and I turned and chased after them, yelling for them to wait for me. They turned and stopped. It was the girl. My eyes widened and I backed up. “What do you want from me?” I finally asked.

She started cackling loudly. “You don’t remember me?”

My eyes widened because I’d never heard her speak before, only that one scream. I shook my head at her.

“My name is Junie Bells. The same Junie Bells who you and your friends bullied in elementary school! It took a lot for me to get here. Who would have known the big and bad bully would end up here,” she cackled.

“So what’s your plan? Your going to hurt me, Junie? Sorry, but that won’t work.” I laughed.

“It already has,” she said, smiling. I heard people screaming my name and looked over to see the sisters and girls running towards me.

“Why are you in the forest, Tara?” Sister Joy questioned.

“The girl brought me here and her name is Junie Bells,” I said, looking up and smirking at Junie.

Everyone looked around in confusion. Sister Anna asked, “Who is this girl you keep talking about, Tara?”

“The girl you brought in a few months ago; the one the girls gasped at with the scar on her face.”

Lisa, a girl two years older than me, was the one to finally speak. “We gasped because Sister Anna brought us a puppy, but I guess you didn’t notice because you were yelling at corners and talking to yourself in your room.”

That’s when I noticed her holding a little puppy in her arms. “Wait, did you say Junie Bells,” Sister Joy asked. I nodded quickly, thinking she finally understood. “Young lady, that is nothing to play around about! That little girl and her family died in a tragic house fire last year.”

I just shook my head and started yelling at them. I looked over to see Junie cackling loudly and that’s the last thing I remember before it all went black. Then I woke up here in the asylum. That was ten years ago.

Mystery of the Missing “Billie Jean” Glove

By: Chloe G.

Every town has a concert occasionally. Especially my town, because my town really, really loves Michael Jackson (my best friend) and because this is his hometown. Although, something about this particular Michael Jackson concert was very mysterious. Like every concert, Michael would have his silver “Billie Jean” glove, but this time, he didn’t. There are rumors on the news that the glove went missing.

One day, I went to see if the rumors were true. With a crowd bigger then my house and my grandmother’s house combined, it was like chaos. As I was waiting in line to get my ticket, suddenly I heard, “oh no” coming from the other side of the ticket booth. Without thinking, I rushed past everyone to get backstage. As I got closer, I realized it was Michael’s voice.

“Michael, what’s wrong,” I yelled.

“Kaylee! Kaylee! I’m so glad you’re here! You’re not going to believe this, but my silver glove is missing,” Michael said as I came in.

“Your what? How?” I said in surprise. “You always…” Michael cut me off.

“I know, I know, Kaylee! But it’s gone and…” Just then, Michael’s manager Jon Stewart came in.

“Michael, are you ready?” Jon asked.

As soon as Jon came in, Michael froze. Before Michael could regain his thoughts and answer his question, I jumped in.

“Michael wants me to perform tonight,” I said. When I was finished, Jon looked at Michael questioningly, and then back at me as if he wanted me to continue so I did. “Michael has stage fright,” I continued. Then, it was Michael’s turn to look at me questioningly, but as if understanding where I was going with this, he looked back at Jon and nodded in agreement.

“It’s true Jon; I have stage fright I can’t do it,” Michael said.

As soon as Michael said that, everything thing was in “Go Mode”. I was being rushed off to the hair and makeup department, Jon was yelling and screaming.

“Michael’s not going to preform! Michael’s not going to preform!” Even Michael was in shock. While I was in the hair and makeup department, I got out my phone and texted Michael.

Kaylee: Find that glove and once you find it, come back here and tell Jon you want to do a duet with me.

Ten seconds later Michael texted back.

Michael: Okay, you’re going to do great just do that song you wrote for your boyfriend.

Kaylee: Ok, but please find that glove and hurry back.

As soon as Michael got the text from Kaylee, he was off. He ran out of the auditorium with Jon yelling and screaming after him.

“Michael come back! Michael come back!”

Michael wasn’t listening. He raced to the nearest airport and took an emergency flight out to Los Angeles, California to Neverland Ranch. Then, as he got there, he raced into the house searching and searching for his glove. It wasn’t in the living room, it wasn’t in his bedroom and it wasn’t by his piano. Just then, Michael thought, what was I doing before the concert? Then, Michael remembered he was at the Staples Center rehearsing for his show. As soon as Michael realized that he left his glove at the Staples Center, he remembered that Kaylee was there preforming in his place so he texted her.

Michael: Kaylee you won’t believe this, I left my glove at the Staples Center. Are you on stage yet? About 10 seconds later, Kaylee texted back.

Kaylee: No way!!! You left your glove here at the Staples Center? And no.

Michael: Yes. Now look, go behind the stage and you should see a silver briefcase. Open the briefcase up, and you should see my black “Billie Jean” hat and my silver “Billie Jean” glove. Don’t do anything until I get there, and tell Jon I’m on my way.

Kaylee: Ok Michael, but hurry, you don’t have much time before the show.

With that, I did what Michael directed and waited for him to return before the show started.

About an hour before the show started, Michael arrived.

“Michael where have you been?” Jon asked, relived to see Michael as he came running through the door.

“Sorry I…”

“No time to explain, it’s time to get ready for the show,” Jon said, interrupting Michael in the middle of a sentence. With that, Michael raced backstage to get ready for the show.

When Michael came in, I Immediately ran up to him embracing him in a hug.

“Michael I’m so glad we found your glove,” I said as I hugged him. “I guess we solved the mystery of the missing “Billie Jean” glove.”

“Yeah, I guess we did. I guess we did, Kaylee,” Michael said with a giggle.

Halloween Fashions

By: Claudia S.

It’s that time of the year, again, folks! The decorations come out and the ghouls and goblins roam the night in hopes of finding that special someone, or just to party. Either way, you need to have the right outfit for any occasion. Something cute, comfortable, and just right *cues “Just Right” by Got7*.

Okay, first, you have to figure out who you are: scary, fluffy, kawaii cute, or just cute? Second, please, please, please, do NOT go neon on neon. In fact, if you see anything but a neon wig, run and run fast. You will look like a poster child for the 2000s where no one matched. A time period in which no one looks back on fondly. Third, think outside the box! Cheerleaders, tennis players, witches, etc. are very cliché and overrated. A devil costume?  Superman? Been there, wore that. Try a Furry or maybe a Neko.  Something different and unusual.

For those who don’t know, a Neko is a person with cat-like features, often-times mixed with other animal-type features because people confuse Nekos with others. A Furry is an animal-type creature with a human personality. Both of these creatures are fluffy and huggable!

To make a simple Neko costume, all you need is a fluffy tail and ears from your local store or Party City. You’ll also need real glow-in-the-dark paint and an idea on what you want to look like. For example, if I wanted to be a fire Neko, I’ll get bright orange paint, an orange and red tail with matching ears, and a black outfit to set those colors off. With your paint, you should make swirls and patterns across your arms, face, and neck (these designs can be anything that you want). Once you’re finished, let the paint dry before putting on your clothes and accessories: wings, tail(s), ears, etc. Depending on your skills, level of patience, and designs, you will have a purr-fect Neko costume.

Or if animal-ish isn’t for you, go as a twisted version of your original idea. Example: wanted to be Little Red Riding Hood? Add a few patches and slashes to the dress and tights, a little fake blood, gold contacts, and fangs and bam, you’re killing it now, Little Red. If you do a light character, but others are doing that same character, go as the dark or gothic version of your character. Alice in Wonderland? Add pink hair instead of blond, with the traditional blue and white dress and stockings OR an all-black (or black and pink) tattered dress in the same style. But be careful, you don’t want to change too much so that no one knows who you are. You can easily pair this look up with a pair of floppy rabbit ears, a poof tail, and a pocket watch, or find a Cheshire cat tail, or pair it up with a Mad Hatter hat.

Guys! I haven’t forgotten you, I promise! I just don’t know what a guy costume could or should be. I’m going to go with the silent nerd. You know the guys you think of as the “bad boy” or the boy next door who you would have never thought was the smartest person in your school? This is an easy costume, all you need is basic jeans and a basic tee with a few fake, or real, chains and a pair of nerd glasses. All you need to do is pair everything up in that “cool kid” fashion and boom: silent nerd. Alright, that one was very weak, but if you give me an idea on your costume, I could do so much better! Oh well, I guess. Until next time…keep the lights on and have a happy All Hallows’ Eve.

Tuesdays In PJs

By: Matthew S. (Sophomore)

Hello, people and/or aliens from the future! It’s Tuesday, which means I’m in my pajamas. Anyways, let’s get on with it! First order of business! Shower, please. I know we’re all home alone all day but please take care of your hygiene. Second order of business! IA’s are coming soon! They’re probably going to be open by the time this actually gets published, but take them for crying out loud! I know you guys are going to study but don’t put them off. Get them done and over with, guys. I usually do them the Friday they open and just knock them out. That way, I have an ENTIRE WEEK to myself. It’s great and I highly recommend you do the same. That brings me to my third and final order of business! Enjoy your life. We’re only in high school once. Don’t stress about it; nobody is perfect. Have some fun every once in a while! Join a club or a sport or go play cards down at the library. Whatever! Just find something you enjoy doing and do it! Well, that’s all I have for this first issue of Tuesdays in PJs. Stay safe and enjoy your week, everyone!