Matilda Childers: A Child with a Mind

By Rahmah I. (Senior)

There once was a child, who had a fire inside.


She went by the name Matilda Childers.


Under the pretense of being mild, she always went the mile,

she never missed what was required- doing everything that was ever asked of her…


But one day, that all went out the door;

when a person who’s nameless asked her, “Why?”


She wondered and wondered, and questioned inside; “What, then, is my purpose?”


With her way of life, being obedient and all, no one once saw it coming.


That “it” you asked, is when she went running and didn’t look over her shoulder.


From building to building, under boulder and boulder she never felt as free;


In a land of all the “do’s & don’ts,” she no longer had a single duty.


So, to live her life in her truly meant way, she breathed the air of her mind.


She learned how and when to listen and be kind

in a way that suited everyone.


Herself, her mind, her heart and her soul; and of course those who assign, serve and dole on her.


Matilda Childers, the young, and the old- knew then and now how to live her life with the knowledge that things will not plunder.


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