How to be an Excelling Student [Online Schooling Edition]

By, Brianna M. (Senior Writer for TWJ)

Have you heard of the saying “you can be whatever you want to be?” That is true, BUT there are some things you may have to take into consideration. Being an excelling student takes having the motivation, taking the time to study, going to your class connects and putting yourself out there. Motivation is one of the key players to being an excelling student. You have to remember to do it for yourself and why are you working for it. Not every day will be an easy day but staying positive will turn that around for you. When you are motivated, it will help you set new goals and become an even better excelling student. Don’t let procrastination take you out of your motivation.

Studying is very, very, very important. You have to make sure you take notes and look over them at least once a day. Looking over your notes will give you a clear understanding of the material and keeps the topics you learned locked in your head. Then, when it finally comes to assignments or assessments, you will look at it as a piece of cake.

Being in online schooling, the Class Connect sessions are very powerful. When you attend a Class Connect, you get to interact with your teacher and you may ask questions while you are in the classroom. The teachers in the Class Connect gives you the most important information to takes notes on and makes sure you stay on the right track with the lessons.

Lastly, PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE! You should get involved in volunteer opportunities. You want to have those community service hours. If you want to attend college, make sure you get those hours in because they love to see that you are involved in your community. If not college, it is a great thing to do for yourself because you are helping others.

Remember, Remember, Remember…

Motivation– do it for yourself and remember why are you are doing it

Studying-takes notes and study at least once a day

Class connects-it gives you the most important information and good time to ask questions

Putting yourself out there– get involved with the community because helping others is a good thing to do


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