The Light From the Tunnel

By: Matthew S.

When looking at the universe, what do we see? Stars, planets, moons, and other astronomical bodies of the like, but they were all here before us and will be here well after the last human dies. These bodies will be here indefinitely until the end of time itself and possibly longer. Relatively speaking, this makes us as humans almost insignificant in scale to the universe. Welcome to nihilism. The idea that since we as a species are so tiny and insignificant in the grand scheme of things, what’s the point of doing anything? Whatever we do won’t change anything major in the universe, so why try?

This philosophy however seems to have a pessimistic view on the universe though, so let’s spin it up with a little optimism. If nothing we do matters, then nothing we do matters. This means all those embarrassing moments we had as kids…the universe will never remember. All the times we’ve disappointed someone else or mislead them…the universe can’t be bothered to keep up with such petty little things. Sure, all the good we’ve done in our time will be gone, but it brings all the bad down with it. Now this is no excuse to be irresponsible, but it does offer a little light at the end of the tunnel.

With the spin of optimism on this dreary topic, we can shed new light on what can sometimes be a lonely road of existential dread and the thought of insignificance. Just look at the bright side.

The Meaning of Friendship (February Contest Entry)

By: Chloe G. and Patricia L.

When you think of love, does friendship come to mind? What does friendship mean to you? Love is usually misinterpreted. When people hear the word love they think of their crush, their heartbreak, or even their one true love. Because of this, we lose sight of what love really means. Friendship is the key to love. Friendship is something special, something you don’t want to let go of, something you can hang on to for your whole life. Friendship isn’t only the act of being a friend, but also the trustworthiness of the friend. A friend is someone you can depend on, someone you love and will always cherish for your whole life. When you are in a situation where you need help, your friend is always quick to be there for you. A friend is someone you can tell everything to, whether it is your darkest secrets, or your crush. Friends are right by your side when you need them most. I know when you hear of love that friendship isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, but when you think of your friends, don’t you love them, too? Wouldn’t you do anything for them? Would you risk your own life to save theirs? Love doesn’t just have to be about who you like, who you want to marry, who buys you chocolate for every Valentine’s Day. Love is so much more!

This Time

By: Gabriella A.

Time was not a problem to me,

But some see time as a rip current

From which they can never pull free.

But upon me, time did not have a hold;

I’d slipped free from those waters, so cold,

To a place where the waves can’t reach,

Where the sand is soft and silky

In the dunes of the beach.

And where the sun is clear in the bright blue sky

And later, the sunset dancing on the horizon

As the sea birds fly by

And rest in a place that is safe from the tide.

And there I sat with them

In their nest, where I can hide.

But not for long as night passes by,

But that was ok with me,

because I was not afraid of time;

That is, until time is broken and I watch it go down

In one tsunami wave.

Then I run to the nearest town

And time becomes deadly as the warnings sound.

And the crowd is in chaos, and the wave crashes down,

And there is nowhere to run

And nowhere to hide,

And time becomes more deadly

Than the deadliest of tides.

Yes, this time, there is nowhere to run

And nowhere to hide.


By: Bryce J.

“Are you ready to fly,” a voice questioned me.

To fly higher than Dr. King and his nonviolent stand towards civil rights or to fly higher than the March on Washington on that summer day so bright. To rise higher than the hills of injustice and to stand on the mountain of brotherhood.

“Son, are you ready to fly?”

I answered the voice with a declarative cry, “I’m ready to soar!”

I’m ready to soar higher than Dr. King and his nonviolent stand. To stand for peace and justice. So, for all those who say that you can’t fly, respond by saying, “you’re right, I can and will SOAR!”

How to Avoid Cabin Fever (Opinion)

By: Matthew S.

Day 110: I’ve just finished dancing around my room in a fedora…I think boredom might be getting to me. I’ve had outbreaks of needing to get out of my house even for just a second. I’m starting to crave social interaction….I need to do something….anything…

Does this sound like you? Well, you’re not alone because I’m right there with you. This is really messing with me, so let’s think of some solutions. First off, what is the problem? Well, we’re acting somewhat strange from being confined to a room all day, everyday doing the exact same stuff. So, the obvious answer would be to change something up. Change up where we do school work, change up our schedule, do something different. But what if the answer is to just go back to brick and mortar?

This is my first year at GCA and quite frankly, if you can’t tell, it’s not going so well. I’m not cut out for this type of schooling and you might not be either. Sure, we all have the obvious reason to stay; we all love this idea. Wear your PJ’s all day and go to school in the comfort of your own home while having a flexible schedule to do whatever you want with your day, but this may be what’s ruining us. This style of living may be what’s driving us mad.

Then again, brick and mortar isn’t so good either. Many of us were the socially awkward type and may not know anyone anymore back at our old schools. We were tired of all the drama and bullying that went on, as well as the cliques that seemed to run the school. So, is it even worth going back?

The right answer really depends on you. I know, I know you wanted a definite answer, but I really can’t give you one. You just have to sit down with your folks and discuss this (if you’re even considering going back). Discuss the pros and cons of each while making sure you look to the future for things like dual enrollment and working part time. You have to do what you think is best. If it works out, great, and if it doesn’t, don’t sweat it. Everything will work out just fine in the long run.